Camper to Glamper: Part 1


IMG_1013Well I did it! I started our Camper to Glamper remodel!! WOW! WTF was I thinking!?!

After countless hours looking at amazing camper remodels on Pinterest and the internet, I decided I wanted to make over our new-to-us camper. I floated the idea by the Lineman, promising to do all work myself. He agreed and pulled the camper to our home. We started with a 2006, 29 foot camper with one slide out. We bought it a year ago, as part of a compromise for living in town. It’s a great way to camp because almost everything can stay packed!! It’s awesome. Plus I have a bed. It doesn’t get better then that!


I knew that I needed to assess the space and make a plan. Pinterest lead me to some really great blogs, (Follow the High Line Home, The Noshery, The Barney Life and many more!). After all this pinteresting research I had a vague idea of what I want to do.

  • Paint
  • New flooring
  • New cushions
  • New bedding
  • New window treatments

When discussing this project, the Lineman and I discussed a needs-to-be-done date. I would have roughly six weekends. Working on during the week was out since my work/volunteer schedule is pretty demanding. I also told the hubby I would do it alone, or with as little help as necessary. It’s not that my honey doesn’t like to help. He will help whenever I ask. But the whole thing was making him nervous, cause you know it’s change. AND he’s in the middle of a landscaping project. Given those requirements I updated my list.

  • Paint – Walls, cabinets, hardware, light fixtures
  • New cushion covers
  • New bedding
  • New window treatments
  • New flooring, next year. My plan is that it will look so awesome in our new Glamper, except for the old, dirty carpet/linoulem that the Lineman will gladly replace the floor.

First on the list – painting. Sounds easy, and technically it is. It’s even easier if you prep the space before the painting.Remove everything you can. I enlisted the help of the whole family. The kiddos took everything out of cupboards, drawers, shelves. The Lineman got the drill and took off/apart cupboards, window treatments, and doors. Everything went into our tiny garage.

Prep surfaces for painting.

  • All cabinets need a light sanding. Front and back. Outside and inside.
  • Nail holes need to be filled and sanded.
  • Wall paper removed
  • Everything not being painted needs to be taped off.
  • All surfaces cleaned. I used a water, vinegar, tea tree oil solution and wiped down everything.








All surfaces that are going to be painted need to be primed. I chose to use Kilz Primer. We have an attachment that goes on our drill to stir paint. This was huge help when it came to mixing the thick primer.














Slowly it’s been coming together. Make sure to sand, otherwise the primer won’t stick. In the end it took 4 gallons of primer. I started painting color only to not like the color. I simply primed over the color and went back to the store for the correct colors. It’s not done yet, but it’s getting closer! I’m half way through the six weekends. The Lineman helped sand everything with his electric sander and made that part go way faster. Check back for more results next week!

IMG_1650 IMG_1649 IMG_1647 IMG_1643 IMG_1642 IMG_1640 IMG_1639 IMG_1637