Camper to Glamper : Part 2


I took a break from painting and recovered the camper cushions! I was really nervous about attempting this part of the make over, since I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I found several really great blogs that detailed the two different options. One a no-sew option, the other semi-easy sewing. I was torn between the two. As luck would have it, a great friend and her family visited  for the weekend. An experienced seamstress, J had recovered cushions before! And  preferred the no-sew method so we wouldn’t have to use  the (almost) antique sewing machine I had borrowed!

Step 1 – Measure all cushions. Length, height and width. IMG_1134 Step 2 – Buy fabric. We bought fabric (this is where is measurements come in), extra fabric (just in case), batting, fabric glue, and tacks. I got an outdoor fabric for the dinette cushions and a vinyl for the bunk beds. IMG_1133Step 3 – Check to see if fabric will coordinate with paint choices. I did not have a color scheme or plan in mind. Last week I purchased some art for the camper, so I coordinated my choices with the art. IMG_1656

Step 4 – The Lineman purchased 1/4″ plywood, which was cut about an inch smaller then the cushion and all sides. We also had the Lineman round the edges to prevent any sharp parts wearing through the fabric.  IMG_1657

Step 5 – Glue cushions to plywood. This gives structure to the cushions and provides a surface to staple fabric. The upholstery glue was awesome and really sticky! We then weighted the boards down and let the glue dry for 20 minutes.IMG_1659 IMG_1661IMG_1660 IMG_1662

Step 6 – Fabric and Batting! We used the cushions as a pattern and cut the fabric to wrap around. Very similar to wrapping a present! The batting was sized smaller, and we trimmed the edges to be flush with the cushions and make the edges easier to wrap. We glued the batting before stapling for extra durability, weighted it down and let it dry.

IMG_1137                   IMG_1138  IMG_1139

Step 7 – Starting at the top in the middle, pull fabric, fold under  an edge and staple. This takes TWO people. You can not pull tight and staple at the same time! Not happening! Once done with top, staple bottom edge. Then fisinh the edges like a gift.

IMG_1673 IMG_1675


There was a slight complication with the cushions for the bunk beds. I forgot to include the width! Whoops. When we went to cover these cushions the fabric we bought was not wide enough to wrap all the way around. Since these cushions will stay in the bunks and not get moved we felt it was fine to cover the fronts, and leave a little gap on the bottom.


That’s it! Cushions recovered! When it was all said and done, it was much easier then I had thought it would be!

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Next up – bedding and window treatments!