Category: Doula

  • My Abortion


    I was 20. It was fall, second year of college. My life was pretty out of control as I tried to figure out my place in the world. Things were bumpy and I was careless with my pill and my heart. It was the... 

  • A love letter to the women seeking abortions


    I am an abortion doula. It is my job to be by the sides of women getting abortions. I talk to them about their choice, I counsel about the procedure, and I hold their hand while they get the abortion.... 

  • What is a full-spectrum doula?


    The word doula comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “a woman who serves women” and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional... 

  • Hello World!


    Hello and welcome to my new blog. Who am I? A 30-something, mother of a few, wife to one, doula to many. On my blog I will explore what it’s like to be a full-spectrum doula, an activist and organizer,... 

  • And so it begins


    This is a blog about my life as a doula….and many, many other things.