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  • Camper to Glamper : DONE!


    The Glamper is done! Well, as done as it’s ever going to be. I foresee myself constantly tweaking the finished product. There has been a little trouble with the blinds that I made, turns out the... 

  • Camper to Glamper: Part 1


    Well I did it! I started our Camper to Glamper remodel!! WOW! WTF was I thinking!?! After countless hours looking at amazing camper remodels on Pinterest and the internet, I decided I wanted to make over... 

  • Hello World!


    Hello and welcome to my new blog. Who am I? A 30-something, mother of a few, wife to one, doula to many. On my blog I will explore what it’s like to be a full-spectrum doula, an activist and organizer,... 

  • And so it begins


    This is a blog about my life as a doula….and many, many other things.